Non Ferrous casting metals – Introduction and Uses

Non ferrous Castings India

Aluminium, copper, brass, nickel, zinc, lead, tin, titanium, magnesium, gold, silver, platinum, mercury, etc. are come under the category of non ferrous metals.

Manufacturers of non ferrous castings India are using pure aluminium due to its softness, ductility, good electricity conductivity and corrosion resistant properties. This non-ferrous type casting metal is used for manufacturing radiator, cylinder head, wires, and more.

Aluminium is light in weight and has silvery metallic appearance. It is the third most abundant element present inside the earth crust. This soft in texture non magnetic silvery metal can be cast, extruded, rolled and wrought into distinct shapes. Manufacturers of non ferrous casting and casting alloys are using aluminium for anodizing, or electrolytically oxidizing process to develop a harder, more resistant oxide layer.

Casting manufacturers can cast Aluminium by using every procedure utilized in metal casting. These procedures, in slipping request of amount of aluminium casting are- die casting, sand casting, permanent mold casting, investment casting, continuous casting, etc. The casting method is chosen based on cost, quality, strength, feasibility, etc. For example, substantial products are made utilizing sand casting. The quality element is also essential in choosing the casting process. Quality alludes to both, mechanical properties and soundness.

The methodology of die casting uses very nearly two times the tonnage of aluminium combinations as the blend of other casting methods. Die casting is ideal for extensive amount generation of moderately small components. Aluminium die casting can be produced up to 50 Kg in the foundry, if casting machine expenses and high tooling are supported.

Process can be considered by manufacturers of non ferrous castings in India:
  • Permanent mold casting
  • Sand casting
  • Die casting

Non ferrous metals are pure metals. Non-ferrous metals are extensively used in construction companies in building for wiring purposes. These metals do not contain iron in it. Moreover, These types of metals should be optimal quality for excellent results. There are several ferrous and non-ferrous casting manufacturing companies in India and worldwide. They provide varied types of ferrous as well as non-ferrous casting according to the market's requirements.

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