Major casting components in India

Multiple processes have been invented for making casting process result driven and specific to particular metal. Besides casting process, there are several parameters affecting final product design. Today, casting process is suitable for number of industrial applications ranges from home décor to manufacturing.

The casting process selects most economical materials to fulfill the perquisites of particular application. Every metal has its own physical and mechanical properties, plus heat treatment properties, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. For any manufacturing industry, casting process has become integral part worldwide. More than 35 percent of casting components are consumed by automobile industries and rest are taken by other engineering sectors. at the same time, casting process is highly economical and generates little waste that can be recycled again.

Some of the major application areas –

  • Automobile industries – It can be taken as major market hub for casting components India and worldwide. Automobile casting components are light in weight and highly economical too.
  • Aircraft components – Casting is foremost choice for designing aircraft components from years. varied casting techniques are employed for manufacturing complex aircraft components
  • Cast Iron components – These components are popular for superior strength and longer service life. They have the capability to withstand with high wear and tear.
  • Scientific casting components – Because of their strength, flexibility, and durability, scientific casting components are preferred worldwide. You are free to use distinct alloys to meet any particular application.
  • Chemical Process Equipment – The equipment should be corrosion resistive and able to withstand with high temperature. Most preferable alloy for chemical process equipment is Titanium.
  • Agriculture Equipment – They should be able to withstand with extreme temperature conditions and heavy wear & tear. For enhancing agriculture productivity and efficiency, agriculture equipments are taken as integral part of industry.

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