Benefits of lost wax process in casting

In the last few years, casting industries has expanded enough to meet various industry applications. It was adopted worldwide in 1980s to meet demand of aircraft industries and aerospace outlets.

Today, investment casting process is widely accepted for manufacturing different valve components and also some machine tools depends on foundry to foundry. Investment casting process gives you freedom to design most difficult shapes with flexibility. The process is good for casting précised components using Plaster of Paris, wax, ceramic slurry, and metal dies.

Process of lost wax casting –

  • Start with creation of wax pattern using metal dies. Melted wax is injected inside metal dies to form single component. You can design multiple pieces together with the same process. Connect all these pieces together using gating system
  • Now leave the structure to dry. Repeat this step again until it does not become thick to withstand with high temperature.
  • Add the molten metal into mold and allow it to cool for some time. At the end, remove the wax replica to get finished material. Make the surface smooth if it is rough. This step is also good for giving strength to casting components.

The process allows wide range of metal selection for designing innovative casting components. You can choose any of them according to your industry usage. Secondly, investment casting process is highly affordable too. Most of the foundries love to prefer investment casting process for development variegated types of casting components.

The components designed using investment casting process re highly durable and tough. They are able to withstand with high temperature and pressure conditions. Today, there are endless foundry industries dealing with lost wax process casting in India and worldwide.

Uses Of Lost Wax casting process in India

The lost wax process is used for the manufacture of varied types of jewelry parts in India and world-class quality designs. Including like as different types of eternity rings, engagement rings, etc. It's utilized for creating things that demands high grade of precession and finishing. These types of lost wax process are very important for several manufacturing industries. They use these types of process and making such types of jewelry, particularly industrial components as well as few important industrial machine tools.

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