What exactly is an Investment Casting ?

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Investment casting is an industrial process it is also called lost-wax casting, its one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques.
The wax patterns are gated onto a part of mould, and it is repeatedly dipped into liquid ceramic slurry to form a layer. After the ceramic has dried out, the thrown away wax is melted out leaving a deep hollow space into which the metal is melted, from which the desired alloy, is poured and allowed to cool and take the shape.


  • There are many benefits and positive of investment castings. Its has the design flexibility, this process is produces near net and clean shape configurations. This also offers engineers to design the flexibility in many alloys.
  • This process has the capacity of producing précised, detailed and dimensionally accurate parts which is weighing into many pounds but converted into just a few ounces.
  • Some un-machinable, un-shaped parts can be cast to proper pre-planned shape.
  • Investment casting can reduce the expenditure of costly machining operations and even its sometime eliminate. No Big capital is needed for equipment investment to produce parts in-house except the tooling for the wax molds.

  • The process is very time-consuming process - Samples that is made from simple tooling can take from 3-4 weeks after the tooling and test is done. Once the part is finalise and approved for production, it takes atleast 8 weeks time.
  • This process goes on expensive side, it is usually limited to small casting, and presents some difficulties levels where the cores are involved. The process is High labour costing.
  • Investment castings can be slightly more expensive than other casting process; they are making up for higher cost through lessing of machining achieved through their near net shape, their tight tolerances which can be held as cast. In cases where the tolerances level is tighter than investment castings can produce, many parts required milling, turning, and drilling, also grinding to finish investment cast with finish stock. The economical use of the process is to fully make use of its flexibility and it’s incorporate.
  • This process is practically unimaginable for high-volume manufacturing, due to its high production costing and its long cycle times. Many of the advantages of the investment casting can be process through other casting.

Industries which use this casting are aerospace and power generation industries to produce turbine blades with complex shapes or cooling systems. It is also widely used by fire-arms manufacturers to fabricate or shape the firearm receivers, triggers, and hammers, and its other precision parts at low cost. It is also used in other industries which use standard investment-cast parts including industry like military, medical, commercial and automotive.

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